My name is Rachel Duncan and I’m the Director of YDDS. I’ve been working in the disability support field for many years. I’ve always wanted to start a disability organisation to allow for individuals to experience new things, create memories and friendships along the way. This is how YDDS was born, and I`m very lucky to do what I love doing. I’m a big believer of individualised support as we are all different, and everybody benefits in their own way, so it was very important for me that our programs are tailored to individual needs

What drives me every day is my passion for bettering the lives of individuals and knowing that we have an impact on our clients` day to day life. 

Our team consists of experienced disability support workers as well as registered and enrolled nurses. We work closely together as a team to continuously further our knowledge and expertise because we believe is it vital that every individual receives the best care and support. Our positive support workers will work with you to create an individualised support plan so that your needs are met.

We tailor a support plan to identify each individual’s needs, and we put short and long-term goals that you would like to achieve with our support services. Our team consistently check in to see how you are going with your supports and we monitor your goals to make sure we are providing the best possible support for you. 

We know how important it is to ensure that you and your loved ones are in good hands. We have experience with the following conditions:

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  • autism spectrum disorder
  • cerebral palsy
  • intellectual disabilities
  • down syndrome
  • vision Impairment
  • deaf or hard of hearing
  • mental health conditions
  • acquired brain injury
  • physical disabilities
  • epilepsy
  • ADHD


With so many service providers to choose from, it can be daunting to find the right fit for you and your loved ones. You`re not just a client, for us it`s very important to build relationships with you and your family whatever support you choose. Your happiness is our happiness. 

We strive to build a supportive, safe, and positive environment where everyone feels included and valued. Our caring, passionate, and experienced team will ensure you receive the best possible support so you can achieve your goals, pursue your interests, and flourish.

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